Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack [100% Working]

Complete guide on Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack, Through this tips you can get Jio Recharge free of cost with a 100% success rate

Are you searching too for How To Get a Jio Free Recharge of 399 Pack? You are in the right place just complete those steps and get the code for your Jio recharge

It is a very simple hack I mean a trick to make your next recharge free of cost, This trick is tested on Jio and not tried on another network you may try this if worked please tell me in the comment box.

Step by Step Guide on Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack

Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack

Before starting the procedure I am telling you that do not make a single mistake, so carefully read the article and then apply. There are a few steps to get the Jio Free Recharge Voucher.

Step1: How To Register For Free Recharge

  • Goto this link (click here)
    • Enter Email Address
    • Enter Mobile Number
    • Type your Name
    • Create a Password (remember it and do not share it with anyone)
    • Input the captcha code in the box
  • Click on “SignUp”
  • Then download and install the “Walk Club App
  • Log in to the app using your above credentials
    • (you can use the mobile number and OTP also for login)
  • After login, you must give the “Physical Activity” permission to track your walking counts
  • Then click on the “+” icon on the Shoe
Walk Club Free recharge Hack
  • Click on Scan Face
  • Scan your face using the mobile front camera
Jio Free Recharge Hack

After scanning is done walk and complete 2000 steps and earn 0.26 Walk Club Eggs, Now your job is walking and earning eggs. 1Egg Value Is Equal To 50 Rupees. When you walk for 4 days I mean you have done 8k steps you can convert your eggs to Free Jio Recharge.

Do not worry about 2000 steps you can easily do more than 5000 steps daily if you always take your mobile with you, so it is very easy,

Step2: How To Do Jio Recharge For Free

  • Open Walk Club App
  • Go Market
Jio Free Recharge Hack
  • Tap on the Market tab (right corner)
  • Click on Place Order on Jio Free Mobile Recharge ₹50
  • Input your Jio number

Note: Each ₹50 Jio recharge code is for 1 Walk Club Egg, You can also recharge other sims also using this trick like Vi and Airtel

Free Recharge will be processed within a few seconds, after that you will get a Congratulation message, which means the recharge was successfully credited to your Jio Account. Now the main trick starts for Jio free recharge 399 hack is going to start

Terms and Conditions For Recharge Using WC Egg

  1. User must scan their face
  2. User must refer Walk Club with 3 friends

Step3: How To Do Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack

In this hack, we will combine 8 ₹50 Jio recharge and add them to the Jio account and do 399 recharge from MyJio App.

You need 8 Walk Club Eggs to buy 8 50 rupees Jio recharge vouchers, so you need to walk for about 1 month to get the free recharge but do not worry because here is a simple trick, share the Walk Club Walk and Earn App to 7 friends and make recharge to the same number. You can also share the app with your family members also, usually every family has 3-5 mobile phones.

After making 8 free Jio recharge follow the below steps to get 399 unlimited recharge for free

  • Open My Jio app
  • Tap on “Recharge
  • Choose 399 plan
  • Click on Buy
  • Tick “Account Balance” on the payment page
  • Tap on Pay Now
  • Done!

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How Can I Get Jio Recharge For Free?

You can get free recharge by walking through the walking club app.

How To Download Walking Club App?

After registration finds a “Download” button click there and install it manually.

Why Walk Club App Is Not Available On the Play Store?

Because the app is just newly launched, It will be available on the google play store very soon.

If you have any questions about Jio Free Recharge or Walk Club App please write them down in the comment box


Simply signup then downloads and install Walk Club App then verify your account by scanning your face, after that, you have to walk 2000 steps to earn .26 eggs. After walking for 4 days you will earn 1 egg which is the cost of 50 rupees, would get it by walking. When you walk or exercise continuously and earn 8 walk club eggs and converted them to Jio recharge(8 ₹50 Jio recharge), open the My Jio app and recharge your number using your wallet balance with the 399 plan this is the Jio Free Recharge 399 Hack

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