How To Make Money Online From Surveys Best Survey Sites

There are lots of ways to make money online one of them is doing online surveys. You will get the 3 best survey sites to make money online from the survey

How To Make Money Online From Surveys?

Before going to the main step Make Money Online from Surveys, know some details of the survey.

Making money from the survey is the best and simplest way for all who do not have any skills. Just give the information which the survey company asks from you after your answers company will pay you. Some companies pay instantly some take some time.

Best 3 Online Survey Sites To Make Money

#1 Attapol Survey

Make Money Online From Survey Attapol

Attapol is one of the best survey sites all over the world. You can earn up to $1.5 per survey. The best time to do a survey is about 5:00 AM. The minimum balance to redeem in Attapol is $3.0

How To Register On Attapol?
  • Go through the link Click Here
  • Download and open the Attapol app
  • Click on SignUp
  • Input your basic details (email, mobile number name, etc.)
  • Then click on Register

After registration, you need to go profile section and input the referral code to get more surveys

  • Click on Profile Icon to go profile section
  • Click on Invite Code
  • Enter the ” tolex ” code and click Apply
  • Done!
How To Withdraw Money from Attapol Survey?

When your Attapol balance reaches $3 you can withdraw it to your bank account or buy a gift voucher from that money.


  • Open the Attapol app
  • Click on “$”
  • Then click on “redeem
  • Choose PayPal if you want to take money to the bank account

(Or if you’re going to buy a gift card, then buy it and redeem it on platforms like Amazon Flipkart, etc.)

  • Enter your PayPal registered email address
  • Then enter OTP received in your email
  • Then click on Redeem

Wait 2 business days to reach the money to your PayPal account

#2 YouGov Survey

Make Money Online From Survey Yougov

Attapol is also a perfect survey site to make money online from surveys. One demerit is you can withdraw money through PayTm in India or PayPal from other countries from this platform. You can get ₹3,600 PayTm cash or $50 using 5,000 YouGov points. Per a single survey, you can get from 50 to 300 points.

How To Register On YouGov Survey Panel?

You will get 100 YouGov points as a joining bonus when you complete the first 2 surveys

Make Money Online From Survey
  • Go to the YouGov website
  • Enter your Email address and Password
  • Then click “SignUp with e-mail”
  • Verify your account by clicking Activate in your verification email.
  • Done!
How To Withdraw Money From YouGov Panel Survey?
  • Go to the YouGov dashboard and click on Rewards
  • Then choose “INR 3,600 Paytm Wallet Credit
  • Enter your Full name, State, and other basic details with your PayTm Number
  • Then click “Redeem
  • ₹3,600 will be credited to the PayTm wallet within 48hours

If you are not from India you will get your country-wise payment method, Just choose it and withdraw it

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#3 Surveytime

Make Money Online From Survey Surveytime

Surveytime is also a good survey site to make money online from surveys. This survey site pays instantly through PayPal. Per Surveytimes’ survey, you can earn a minimum of $0.50.

How To Register On Surveytime?
  • Go to the Surveytime site
  • Click on SignUp with Email
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Then click on Start Now
  • Choose the payment method by which you want money (PayPal is recommended)
  • Now input your basic details with DOB, gender, Pincode, etc.
  • Done!

After registration, you will start receiving surveys from Surveytime, you will get notified every time when a new survey comes.

How To Withdraw Money From Surveytime?

You do not need to do anything to withdraw money from Surveytime, because money will be instantly credited to your account.


This is the article for the best 3 survey sites to make money online from surveys. 1) Attapol Survey, 2) YouGov Panel Survey and 3) Surveytime. You can earn up to $5 daily from all these survey sites, stay tuned to get new earning tips

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