How To Send & Receive Android App Through WhatsApp

Read and learn how to Send App Through Whatsapp and un-supported files through WhatsApp. It is very easy for everyone can do it.

Send Any Application Through WhatsApp- How To Send Apk Using WhatsApp- Send Any Unsupported File Through WhatsApp- Receive Android App Through WhatsApp
Here is a trick, by this trick you can send APK(Android Applications) file , or any android app, software through WhatsApp. I m posting the article for sending Android App through WhatsApp because it needed to send some android software throughout WhatsApp to some friends who don’t know how to download app or don’t get the exact App on internet. So if we use WhatsApp which is very popular app to send message, send videos, send any type of documents, send audio files, send voices but Don’t Allow To Send Android Application (APK) through WhatsApp. I will try my best to teach you perfectly.


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How To Send Android Application (APK File) Through WhatsApp

   Its really very easy if you have brain and read this whole article carefully. It is so simple you need some important application for doing this trick. This trick is to convert .APK File first to any WhatsApp supported file such as .txt , .doc , .PDF , .mp3 , .mp4 etc and send them to any WhatsApp contact through WhatsApp. I will this trick step by step with screenshot by this you can easily understand.

Requirements Apps For Sending APK Using WhatsApp

• Latest Version ES File Explorer [click to download].
• Latest Version WhatsApp Messenger[click to download].


Trick To Send Android App Through WhatsApp

•> First Download Install Latest version of WhatsApp Messenger download it from play store. I hope you already have otherwise you would not see this article.
•> Then download ES File Explorer download it from play store or see above link.
•> Then open ES File Explorer.
•> Then Find App and tap on that.

•> Now choose and long press on the app which you want to send through whatsapp.
•> And click on Backup.
•> Then go back and open your internal storage in ES File Explorer.
•> Now search for Backup folder.
•> Open Backup Folder and then open App folder.
•> Now find the app which you have backed up and hold on it.
•> You will get Rename option.

•> Rename the app and replace.apk” with “.txt” then tap on OK.

•> Your app will be converted to a txt file which is supported by WhatsApp to send.
•> Now hold on that .txt file and click on 3 dots (located at down right corner).

•> Then select WhatsApp and choose your WhatsApp contact to whom you want to send Android App.

•> Now Click Send.

Now You Are Done How To Send Android App Through WhatsApp Now You Need Install Apk File From WhatsApp So See Below How To Install Android App From WhatsApp

How To Install APK File From WhatsApp

  You see this above trick how to send Android App through WhatsApp this is same ase above just doing opposite of this above trick. There is rename and replace .apk with .txt and here is opposite replace .txt with .apk it will automatically converted to Android App and then install it.
So read this trick and send them whom you already send apk file through WhatsApp if you don’t you also read this. I will give this step by step with photo and video.

Trick To Install Android App From WhatsApp

Same Applications Needed For Doing This Trick ( above application).


•> First open WhatsApp and download the app which you received in your WhatsApp in .txt format.
•> After successfully downloaded Open ES File Explorer.
•> After opening ES File Explorer select Internal Storage and find WhatsApp Folder.
•> Then Click on WhatsApp then Media.
•> And Then WhatsApp Documents.
•> In this step you will find that .txt file which you downloaded on WhatsApp and rename it.
•> Now rename that .txt file and replace “.txt” with “.apk” and press OK.


•> Now Install that .apk file which is Android App.


Watch Video Tutorial

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