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CSC VLE Insurance Exam Best Answer Keys & Get 100% Marks

by NaSiH
CSC is offering vle to get insurance license at Re.1 which orginal price is Rs.200 when vle try to get VLE Insurance license they need to give CSC VLE Insurance Exam.
So in this artice i have written all CSC vle insurance exam question and answer in best way by which you will 100% pass with 25 of 25 marks.
  • Guys First Go To VLE Insurance Registration Link click here .
  • Then click on “VLE Registration” and fill up the form with your details (Ignore it if already registered).
  • Then back to one step if not working then click here  and click on “LMS Login“.
  • Then Click “Module” on left panel and open modules one by one (one after one hour, and there is 16 modules so you need to wait minimum of 15 hour for examination).
  • After 15-16 hours you will get “Exam Link” option on left side, click there.
  • Now click “Start Exam“.
[Note: If You Failed In Examination You Need Pay 100 Rupees For Re-Examination, So Be Careful ]

Answer Keys For  CSC VLE Insurance Examination

Question :1) Origins of modern insurance business can be traced on________
  • Bottomry
  • Lloyds ☑️
  • Rhodes
  • Malhotra Committee
Answer: Lloyds
Question : 2) LIC of India Act was passed in June 1956 but it came into force on_____
 Answer : Sept 1, 1956 (✔️).
Question : 3) Every insurer carrying on business in India shall invest and at all time keep invested an amount on exceeding__________of their funds in other capital markets investment.
Answer: 35% (✔️).
 Question : 4) On 26 January of 1956 all Life Insurance Companies Operating in India were taken over by _______nominated custodians.
 Answer : 43 (✔️).
Question :5) Which Among The following is a method of risk transfer?
  • Bank FD
  • Insurance☑️
  • Equity Shares
  • Real Estate

Answer: Insurance (✔️).

Question :6) Which of the following statement is true?
  • Insurance is a method of sharing of losses of a? few ? by many? ☑️
  • Insurance is a method of transferring the risk of an
Answer: Insurance is a method of sharing of losses of a? Few? By many? (✔️).
Question : 7) Insurance is a mechanism that helps reduce advers consequences through_______
  • Pooling
  • Spreading
  • Sharing of risk Pooling, Spreading and sharing of risk ☑️
Answer: Pooling, Spreading and sharing of risk ( ✔️).
Question: 8) Employees state insurance act 1948 provides for_____
  • Medical aid to workers and their families working in industries located in certain notified areas ☑️
  • Both the above
Answer: Medical aid to workers and their families working in industries located in certain notified areas (✔️).
Question : 9) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana is to benefit people in case of
death. This scheme with a premium of
Rs. 330 and coverage of Rs.2 lakh is available to persons in the age group of_____
  • 18-45
  • 18- 50☑️
  • 18-55
  • 20-55
Answer : 18 – 50 (✔️).
Question : 10) General Insurance means?
  • Insurance of property against fire, burglary etc.
  • Personal insurance such as accident, health insurance etc.
  • All the above ☑️
Answer: All The Above (✔️).
Question : 11) An insurer is bound to furnish details regarding_____
  • Standard features of the policy.
  • Premium / deduction as
  • All the above three ☑️
Answer : All The above three (✔️).
Question : 12) How breach of Utmost Good faith occurs in a contract of insurance?
  • Through misperception
  • Through non disclosure
  • Through both of the above ☑️
  • Through non of the above
Answer : Through both of the above (✔️).
Question: 13) In property insurance Insurable interest must exist at the time of______
  • Inception
  • Loss
  • Inception and loss both☑️
Answer: Inception and Loss both(✔️).
Question : 14) Generally a person seeking insurance writes a form to the insurer and applies for insurance. This form is known as______
  • Application form
  • Proposal form☑️
  • Policy form
  • Endorsement form
Answer : Proposal form (✔️).
Question :15) In any contract if there is an offer and acceptance, what is the third condition that must be fulfilled to make it a complete contract?
  • Consideration ☑️
  • Lien
  • Counter offer
  • Deferment
Answer : Consideration (✔️).
Question :16) A fact that influences a prudent underwriter?s decision to accept the risk or not is known as_____
  • Main fact
  • Common fact
  • Material fact ☑️
Answer : Material Fact(✔️).
Question :17) Gautama gets his tractor insured for a sum saying that the tractor is two years old. But in an accident, when the tractor becomes a total loss, the insurer comes to know that the said tractor was 10 years old. The insurer can reject the claim stating______
  • Misperception
  • Non Disclosure of material fact ☑️
  • Indemnity
  • None of the three
Answer : Non-Disclosure of material fact (✔️).
Question :18) Indemnity means a guarantee or an assurance to put the insured in the same position in which he was immediately prior to the happening of
the contingency insured. That means the insurer undertakes to_____
  • Pay the insured amount
  • Make good the loss☑️
  • To pay 50% of loss immediately
Answer : Make good the loss(✔️).
Question : 19) Ram fell from a horse while riding and got his leg fractured. He kept lying on a wet land for a long time before he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed of pneumonia and he died of the pneumonia. The proximate cause was_____
  • Accidental fall from the horse☑️
  • The Pneumonia
Answer : Accidental fall
from the horse(✔️).
Question: 20) Conventionally Insurance has been classified in to______
  • Life Insurance and Motor insurance
  • Life Insurance and general Insurance☑️
Answer : Life Insurance and
General Insurance(✔️).
Question :21) Miscellaneous Insurance business means affecting insurance contracts on all kinds of risks other than_____
  • Life Insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • All the three above ☑️
Answer : All the three above (✔️).
Question : 22) Some insurance cannot be categorized as a standard group and are a part of ? Others? insurance like_____
  • Crop Insurance
  • Cattle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • All the above ☑️
Answer: All The above (✔️).
Question :23) All the Insurers in India are governed by the rules and regulations framed by IRDAI except_____
  • LIC of India
  • Agricultural Co. of India
  • Postal Life Insurance ☑️
  • None of the above
Answer : Postal Life Insurance (✔️).
Question :24) A household insurance means _____
  • To take out a policy covering the fixed assets of the house hold.
  • Both of the above ☑️
Answer : Both of the above (✔️).
Question :25) Life Insurance provides the products like_____
  • Term Insurance and Endowment Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance and Annuities☑️
  • Both of the above
Answer : Whole Life Insurance and annuties (✔️)
Now Click “Submit Exam“.
That’s Done Now Your Result Will Show On Next Page And You Got 25 Marks Of 25.

Download CSC VLE INSURANCE Exam Answers PDF

I have written an e book of csc vle insurance exam questions and answer you may Download from here, please note this e-Book is not free. You would not need any thing to pay for download pdf.

How To Download CSC VLE INSURANCE Exam Answers PDF

=> Click this download link

=>Then click “Add To Cart” & ” Checkout”.

=>Now pay nothing, Place order and Download.

How To Download Training Certificate of CSC VLE Insurance Exam

  • Click here and go to “LMS Login Portal
  • Then click on “Download
  • Now Upload your signature and click submit
  • Then wait few seconds and go back , you will see “Download Certificate” option
  • That’s Done How to get Training Certificate of RAP VLE Insurance

How To Download CSC VLE Insurance Agreement Latter

  • Click here and go to LMS Login Portal
  • Then click on “Download
  • Now Click on “Download Agreement
  • That’s Done How to get VLE Insurance Agreement

How To Download CSC VLE Insurance License

  • Click here and go to LMS Login Portal
  • Then click on “Download
  • Now click On download “License
  • That’s Done How to get the CSC VLE Insurance License

[Note: Must Check Your CSC VLE Insurance License Number if there is “0000” you need to wait few minutes and re -download ]

Thanks for Reading FULL Answer Keys for rap CSC VLE Insurance Exam free, If You have any problems please describe your issue  on below comment.

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