How To Enable UnRead Count Badge On Android

Enable UnRead Count Badge On Any Mobile- Best Trick To Enable UnRead Counts Badge On Any Android Mobile Without Root Access
 Many times people went away from mobile and in the meantime maybe some message or emails or any notification I mean a lots of notifications comes.

When we back then maybe we forgot about that notification emails etc , so I we have Unread Count Badge on app we can easily find any arrived notifications.

Enable unread count badge

So here is very important trick to enable UnRead Count Badge on any android device application of any version like Samsung Mobile.

If you have Unread Count Badge you can easily see how many messages come on your WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, every social networking app which is installed on your mobile. You can see how many notification has arrived on every app on your mobile.

  You can see how many UnRead Message or Notification have on your app of your mobile. As like as Samsung mobile. This feature are not available on other mobile except Samsung Old Generation Mobiles .
How To Enable UnRead Counts On Any Android Mobile. On every android mobile I have tested Micromax , Intex, Karbon, Gione, Xiomi, Hitech, Realme, Oppo, Vivo.
Just follow these simple method . this trick is by an android luncher which have ability to show unread counts on every mobile whom are installed that luncher and enable UnRead Counts. Let’s seeeee…..

What Is UnRead Counts Badge?

Unread Badge is a badge of unread counts on every app. You may see on old generation Samsung mobile which have UnRead Counts. When a new message or notification has arrived on a application you will see (1) one with circled that is UnRead Counts Badge.

How To Enable UnRead Counts On Any Android

A lots of ways to enable unread count badge but some are working some are not . So I researched on it and found the best 2 methods to enable unread count badge on Android application.

Method 1 Enable Unread Count Badge Using Nova Tesla Unread

You need two app for doing this trick.
(!) Latest Version NoVa Luncher Prime
(!!) Latest Version Tesla UnRead(click to download)


1.) First download Nova Luncher Pro Apk from given link or any where.
2.) Then open Nova Luncher Prime.
3.) And Then scroll down and click on Default Home.
4.) Then choose for ‘Nova Luncher”.
5.) Nov download and install Tesla UnRead from abjve link or any where you want[ Remember: Don’t download from Play Store because it would not work on nova prime].
6. Then open Nova Luncher Pro again from your phone then scroll down and find Notification Bad option.

7.) Now click on “Notification Badge” and enable it.

8.) Now customize your Badge Design and close Nova Luncher and change type Numeric Badge

9.) Now open ‘Tesla UnRead‘ from your phone.

10.) Now enable those apps whose you want to show Unread Count on apps .

Method 2 Notifyer Unread Count.

Apps To Download:
Notifyer Unread Count [click 2 download]


1.) Download Notifyer Unread Count from playbm store or from given link first.
3.) Now open it.
4.) Then Give Permission Access to Notifyer Unread Count.
5.) Now add a widget of Notifyer Unread Count on your home screen.
6.) Now Choose apps whose you want to show unread counts on apps.
7.) Now go back and see.

You are done! Must share How To Activate UnRead Counts Badge On Any Android Mobile With your friends.

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