How To Make FB Gun Name And FB Single Name

Here is the best trick for how to make FB Gun Name. It is totally FREE . With Facebook Gun Name Symbol , facebook Stylish Gun Name ,Facebook Gun Name ID.
FB gun name



What Is FB Gun Name?

FB gun name is a name of Facebook account. Some people makes their FB name like Gun shape . You can see the demo in thumbnail

How To Make FB Gun Name Account

Hey guys today I m  this going to post 3rd Facebook trick for making Gun Like fb Name ID. Do not think again about Facebook because I already fully describe about Facebook on my previous Facebook post. Sngle fb name id is mendetory so I post Facebook single name making trick also.

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What Is FB Gun Name?

FB is Facebook Gun Name Is name like gun. In this modern time some Facebook users makes their FB profile name as like as gun Shape. That was very amazing for me  for you too because if you are not interested in gun name then you never see this post. So Do not worry The Tricks has present the special trick about making Facebook Gun Name. So now see how to make FB gun name?
Before going to how to do I tell you about some important things which are need for doing this fb trick.
Required For This Trick
1.) Facebook Account (if you Do not have then go to and make one new account).
2.) Single Name Facebook Account. (See below for making Facebook single name account).
3.) One Android phone or IOS Device or a desktop.( if you are using Android or IOS Device then use Google Chrome or if you are using desktop then open in Mozilla Firefox for best result.

How To Do This Trick?

[Note: please make your Facebook language to Tamil or Bhasa Indonesia]Go to setting >> language>> Tamil (in android / IOS) BAHASA INDONESIA (in desktop)

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Just read these steps very carefully.

1.) Go to Facebook site and login with your existing Facebook account details or create  a new account.
2.) Go to settings in your login Facebook account.
3.) Click on account setting .
4.) Then click Edit Name.
5.) Now copy this character

6.) Now paste this character to your first name.
7.) Click on Change Review.
8.) Enter your Facebook password and click on Save .

You Are Done!

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[If you get any error message then comment your problem in below comment box]

Now See How To Make FB Single Name Account

What Is FB Single Name Account?

FB is well-known short form of Facebook single name is the which have no last name only first name. Some FB users used their FB profile name with only their first name these type of account are called FB Single Name Account. I know you are also searching for these type of account other wise you do come to see this article of The Do not worry because The Tricks is here. The Tricks is posting every thing about how can I do it. How to do this.

First I tell you about some required things for this trick.

• Android / IOS Device.
• FB Account.

How To Do This Trick?

1.) First login to your Facebook account by visiting.

2.) Then go to Setting .
3.) Then click on Language.
4.) After clicking language you will get the whole world language, you need to choose Tamil if you are using Android or IOS Device or if you are using desktop then choose Bhasa Indonesia. 
5.) Now you will get a pop-up signal where you will get Translation option click on Translate to English.
6.) Then go to Setting again and click on Account Setting.
7.) And then click on Name and click Edit .
8.) Now Delete/Erase Your Last Name and click Review Change.
9.) Enter your FB password and click on Save button.

[Note: Do This Both Tricks At Your Own Risk, I Tried Many Times Nothing Happens]

You Are Successfully Done!

If you are getting any problem about this trick please post your problem in the below comment box.

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