Junio App Referral Code How To Get Junio Card Free

Junio App Referral Code can be used to get a Junio Card for free. The referral code must be input on the invite code section at the time of order.

In this article, you will learn how to order a Junio card for free. You need to enter the referral code of the Junio App to get cashback up to ₹1000. Likely all people get ₹100 plus as a cashback where your card price is only ₹99, by this way you will get your Junio Card for free.

Let’s know the Junio app referral code and process to order Junio Card free step by step.

Junio App Referral Code To Get Upto ₹1000 Cashback

Note: the Junio App Referral Code is “UMME9192” it must be entered when you are going to make an order for Junio Card to get Junio card free.

Before going to register or order Junio Card must know brief information about Junio App.

Junio Referral Code

Junio App Registration Process Step by Step

  • Install the Junio App from the play store or Apple app store.
Junio App Referral code install
  • Open the Junio App.
  • Read their app information or simply click on “Skip” located at the right corner.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Click On “Continue”.
  • Input OTP, recieved on your mobile through SMS.
  • Set 4 digit Junio PIN ( must remember your PIN).
    • Enter 4 digit PIN
    • Confirm PIN (must be same)
  • Click on Set Passcode.
  • Choose your Gender (male/female).
  • Enter your Full Name.
  • Enter your Date of Birth (choose from calander).
  • Click on “I have a referral code”.
  • Input referral code “UMME9192”.
  • Click on Continue button.
  • Verify Your Identity using PAN, or Passport, or Voter ID, or Driving License.
    • Enter your PAN/Passport/Voter ID/Driving License no.
  • Click on Continue
  • Add Child (Ignore if your age is below 17 years)
    • Choose Daughter/Son (if you are registering your own account/ parent account)
    • Enter Child Name
    • Child Date of Birth (age must be below 17 years)
    • Enter child mobile number.
  • Tap on Continue

Your Junio App account is successfully created and you have got a Junio Virtual card for free, Now you have to order Junio Card to get 5% Cashback on every transaction. See below the step on how to order a Junio card for free.

What Is Junio App Referral Code?

Junio App Referral Code is UMME9192, You can use this code at ordering Junio card to get up to ₹1000 joining bonus.

How To Order JUNIO Card For Free

Junio App Referral Code

After creating Junio Account you need to order Junio Card to get 5% cashback on every transaction.

  • Open Junio App
  • Click on Order Card
  • Input your Delivery Address
  • Click on Save Address
Junio App Referral Code
  • Enter UMME9192 on the Junio app referral code section (must enter the referral code otherwise you would not get any cashback)
  • Click on Pay ₹99 and Place Order.

Your Junio Physical Card order is placed and you will get your card at your given address within 14 days it depends on the courier. After the order of Junio card must set the Card Pin.

How to Set Junio App Card PIN

Junio App Referral Code
  • Open Junio App
  • Click on Set PIN
  • Set your 4 digit Junio Card pin
    • Enter PIN (choose a 4 digit pin and remember it)
    • Confirm PIN (re-enter your 4 digit pin)
  • Tap on Confirm
  • Done! Your 4 digit MPIN is set successfully.

After setting up your Junio PIN you may think How to earn money online from the Junio app. So read the below section carefully.

How To Make Money Online Using Junio App

You can earn money from Junio App in two ways,(a)Referring your friend to Junio and earn up to ₹1000 per refer (b) Earn unlimited money on doing transactions through Junio Card.

Junio App Referral Code

How To Earn Money From Junio App Invite and Earn

You can earn money online up to ₹1000 per successful refer to Junio

  • Open Junio App
  • Click on Invite & Earn

You will see your Junio Referral Code with invite option

Junio Referral Code
  • Click again on Invite & earn.
  • Share your Junio Referral Link with your Referral Code to your friends and family through any sharing option.

Just tell them to enter your Junio App Referral Code at the time of registering and ordering your Junio card. After successful order, you and your friend both will get a scratch card where you both will get up to ₹1000 per scratch card.

Also read this section on how to earn unlimited money on Junio card transactions.

How To Earn Money On Doing Transactions Through Junio Card

Junio App Referral Code

This option is totally mind-blowing never seen before, it is like the Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card earns cashback on every transaction on the card. See how?

  • Do shopping at any online platform like Flipkart/Amazon/Myntra or any offline shop.
  • Just use your Junio card and pay.
  • enter OTP or 4 digit PIN.
  • Done! your transaction is successful.

On the 7th of every month, you will get your total cashback in your Junio App Wallet.

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When Will I Get My Cashback of Referral?

You will get your referral or joining cashback instantly. You will get a Scratch card just scratch and the money will be credited to your Junio wallet.

When will I get my Junio card transactions cashback?

You will get your all transactions cashback after the generation of the statement, and the Junio statement will be generated on the 7th of every month.

How To Order Junio Card For Free?

Simply order Junio Card and enter the referral code UMME9192 at the time of card order. Using this referral code you will get a scratch card up to ₹1000. Most people getting ₹100 plus so you got your Junio card free.

CONCLUSION: This is a simple article where you can earn unlimited money using the Junio app and also can earn money by sharing your Junio App Referral Code. This article contains information on how to create a Junio app account, how to order Physical Card, how to set a Junio card PIN.

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