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FamPay Referral Code Invite & Earn ₹50-₹1000


Fampay app offer earns up to ₹404 per number. Fampay referral code to invites & earn unlimited trick. How to transfer fampay money to any bank account.

Fampay is a new app that provides free virtual cards (VCC) with only doing mini KYC. This is the best Virtual Card to use on PayPal. Fampay Virtual Card is also working on PayPal’s first transaction offer. You can also earn unlimited PayPal money using Fampay Virtual Card.


Fampay Referral Code: How To Earn ₹404 Fampay App

[Note: This offer is only for 11-17 year aged users]


  1. One Android Mobile
  2. One mobile number, which is never registered on Fampay.
  3. Aadhar card with registered mobile number.
  4. Good Internet Connection.

Profits On Joining Fampay 

  • Free Prepaid Debit Card with “0” fees (after KYC).
  • Earn a Joining Bonus of ₹51 (after KYC).
  • Free Virtual Card working on PayPal offers (after mini KYC).

Trick To Earn Money On Fampay App

  • Open the app and skip the pages and click on ” Get Started“.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on “Continue“( which one is never registered on Fampay).
  • You will receive an OTP on the given mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and “Continue“.
  • Now you have to enter the FamPay referral code and click “Enter” (You wouldn’t get anything if you do not use the referral code)

Write this code there FOZLALXT3 (must enter this code otherwise you would not get joining bonus)

  • And then enter your name and date of birth (must be the same as Aadhar card details).
  • Hurry! your registration is done.

Now you just need to verify yourself add parents on Fampay to verify you, because you are not an adult.

How To Verify Yourself On Fampay ?

1. Click on “Verify“.
2. You will see a page containing aadhaar logo then click “Continue“.
3. And then enter Aadhar Number and click on “Continue“.
4. An OTP will send to Aadhar Registered Mobile Number.
5. Enter the OTP and click “Verify“.
Congratulations Your Verification Is done.


How To Add Parents On Fampay ?

1. After your account Verification you will be redirected to a page asking for your parent’s details. (Parents Full Name, date of birth, PAN card number, and FamPay mobile number)
2. Then enter your Parents Full Name, Parents Date Of Birth, Parent’s PAN Card Number, and Parents Mobile Number.
3. Then click ” Submit and Continue“.
4. After that an OTP will send to your parents’ mobile number.
5. Now enter your “Parents Mobile OTP” and click “Verify“.
Well Done! That is all how to add parents on Fampay and earn ₹51 free.

After verification you will received ₹51 in your Fampay wallet.

I have seen 90% of people are failed on adding their parents if you are one of them and facing an issue with adding your parents and verify their account you may contact me if possible I will help you.

After completion of parents’ acception, you need to verify yourself through the Aadhar OTP Authentication system. See how to verify or do KYC on Fampay using Aadhar OTP.

After getting Rs. 101 in your Fampay wallet you may think how can I transfer fampay wallet money to my bank account, here is a simple trick to transfer fampay balance to a bank account. See how.

How To Transfer Fampay Wallet Money To Bank ?

Just click on “Scan QR”. Then simply scan any UPI-enabled QR code and click on Pay, or if you do not have a UPI QR code then click on “Pay To UPI ID” and click ” Verify & Pay “. That is all how to transfer money from Fampay wallet to any bank account UPI ID.

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How To Refer On Fampay and Earn ₹50 – ₹1000 Per Refer

  • Scroll down and find the Invitation Section.
  • Then click on “Invite Friends“.
  • Share the link to your friends, whom you want to refer.
  • And also share your refer code with them.

After successful registration and verification through aadhar you and your friend will get ₹101 instantly. I write that earn ₹404 per number that means when you join through my references will get a bonus of ₹101 and then when you will refer your friends to Fampay you will get ₹101 x 3 = ₹303.

[Note: You can only Invite 3 friends on Fampay from one account and Invitation link will expire in 48Hours from the time of link generation]

How To Get Fampay Referral Code?

FamPay referral code is FOZLALXT3. You can get your FamPay referral code on the FamPay referral section.

How To Get FamPay Refer Code ?

FamPay refer code is FOZLALXT3. You can get it in your refer & earn section.

How To Get FamPay Card Free ?

You can get a FamPay Card free of cost by referring your friends to FamPay. Simply send your referral link to your friend and ask them to complete registration.

Many friends ask me how to get FamPay Card free, so I m writing a paragraph after research for getting a FamPay card free. Now the offer is running refer your friend to FamPay and get a spin, and you will get a minimum of ₹50 – ₹1000 per spin.

Invite Your Friend To FamPay.


First, you need to invite your friend to FamPay you can easily invite them through the referral link and referral code. Full instruction on how to refer friends on FamPay is above. Only for 11-17 year aged people.

Complete Friends FamPay Account Registration.


After that your friend need to complete registration by entering basic details.

Verify Friends FamPay Account.


After registration, your friend needs to verify their account, simply using an Aadhar card and OTP.

Add Parents And Get Access.


You are a minor, so you need your parent’s permission to access FamPay Account. Just add your parents and add them in your family. After adding your parents you will get ₹51 too.

Spin and Earn ₹50 – ₹1000


On a successful referral, you will get a FamPay spin chance. Goto Rewards Section and scratch the card then spin, Boom you got ₹50 – ₹1000 guarantee.

Order FamPay Card for Free


After 5 Referrals you will get a minimum of ₹250 rupees, Now use them and order FamPay Card free.

Unlimited Trick To Earn Unlimited Money Using Fampay Referral Code

Fampay referral code-income-proof
Proof Of Fampay Refer & Earn Unlimited Trick
  • After getting bonus money simply transfer it to a bank account and then clear all data if Fampay app.
  • Then register with a new number.
  • Then enter the FamPay referral code.
  • Now add old/existing parent.
  • And then verify yourself using your old aadhar or the new one.
  • Done! You will get ₹101 instantly in your Fampay wallet, transfer it and do it again.

[ Note: You Do Not Need New Aadhar Number, You Only Need A New Mobile Number]

Terms and Conditions if Fampay Referral Programme

  1. Fampay Refer & Earn is only for Teenagers whose ages between 11-17.
  2. Only 3 refer can be done by a single user.
  3. This offer is valid till 25 October of 2020.
  4. The Referral Code will be expired in 48 hours.
  5. Aadhar KYC is mandatory to get a bonus.
  6. Adding parents is mandatory for teenagers.

I hope you enjoy this article fampay refer and earn offer with an unlimited trick if you are facing any problem must write on below comment box. And if you need any other FamPay referral code please comment below because sometimes the FamPay referral code gets expires.


Is FamPay safe ?

Yes, FamPay is safe and secure for children to make an online payment with the permission of parents.

Is FamPay card free ?

Yes, FamPay Card is free of cost for children. But it takes rs.336 charges for printing delivering the physical card to your doorstep.

How does FamPay works ?

FamPay works like a bank account for minors. It has a numberless card that can be use on any online platform merchant through UPI without adding any bank account or card details. Parents can send money to their kids on the FamPay app with full control and supervision over the money they spend.

What is FamPay?

FamPay is India’s first payments app for teenagers(11-17year aged) and their parents. FamPay is useful as it allows parents to send money to their kids above the age of 11 but below the age of 18, which they can spend securely anytime, anywhere, under parent’s supervision. FamPay aims at making payments smooth and fun for children and also remove headache from their families. Fampay is actually Family Pay App

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