Top 10 Best Free Facebook Auto Liker 100% Working

The best free auto liker for Facebook is really helpful when nobody likes your photos, posts, etc. Are you also searching for a free Facebook auto-like?

Top 10 Best Free Facebook Auto Liker

Facebook auto-liker helps to get free likes and comments here are the best top 10 sites to get free likes automatically

What Is Facebook Facebook Autoliker Site?

Facebook Auto Liker Sites is Facebook Auto Liker Sites which gives Likes and comments automatically to preferred images or status.

How Does It Work?

Facebook auto tools give likes and comments automatically to those who have joined their site from other members.

List of Top Best Free Facebook Auto Liker?


Wefby which is the best anti-spam auto liker site working fine I m also using this for about 3 years. give 150 likes per submission, you can submit unlimited times but need to wait 15 minutes after one submission.

DJ Liker

DJ Liker is also the best liker because it gives likes instantly but gives only 100 likes per submission. You can submit only 3 times per day after it takes to ready again about 14 minutes and 59 seconds.

Cyber Liker

Cyber Liker is not a bad liker site because it works perfectly but sometimes faces a captcha problem. It gives 50 likes per submission but has unlimited times of submission per day.

V Liker is also a good liker giving up to 200 likes per submission having unlimited times of submissions per day.

Machine Liker

Machine Liker was the best liker ever but now not working fine sometimes gives 300 likes per submission but sometimes gives 10 likes per submission.

Hublaa Liker gives 250 likes per submission. you can submit unlimited times in one day but you need to wait up to 30 minutes after one submission.

WefBee was the 2nd top auto liker site and is now also good giving 100 likes per submission having 3 submissions per day.

Hub Liker is also like Wefby giving more than Wefby liker but you can submit only one time per day.

MG Liker Gives 200 likes per submission but you need to wait up to 1 hour after one submission. But now not working.

Official Liker

Official Liker was the best and is the worst because it is not giving a single free like now.

How To Use Facebook Autoliker

  • Change the Facebook follower setting, and Set “Who Can Follow Me” to everybody/public. You must be 18+ years old you can change your date of birth on Facebook’s general setting
  • Get access to your Facebook account. You will see “Login / Get Access/ Click Me and Get Access/ Get Token”. Click the link like these.
  • You will be redirected to another window you need to login to “Apple App or Nokia app or BlackBerry App” with your Facebook account.
  • Give permission by clicking  “OK” 3(three) times.
  • You will get a Page on Mac and Apple websites if you log in with “Apple App”. Copy the Whole URL which will be your “Access Token”. Or If you are login to the “Nokia App” or “BlackBerry App” you will get an ” error” page. Copy the whole URL which will be your “Access Token“.
  • Close your Error Window (Nokia & BlackBerry) or Apple Website Window (Apple app) go to your first window you will see a box that wants Access Token and has a Login button below the box.
  • Paste the whole URL in the box which you got in step no.5 and click on the Login button.
  • After clicking login you will get the Liker menu Auto Likes, Auto Comments, Page Liker, and Auto Post Share. 
  • Select any option and choose your post or photos or page and click Get Likes.

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The Top 10 Best Free Autoliker For Facebook are those Facebook auto likers that have about a 99% success rate. Most of them give likes automatically within 30 minutes.

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