How To Send Blue Text In Whatsapp

How To Set Blue Status On Whatsapp- How To Send Blue Message On Whatsapp- How To Colour Whatsapp Text
  Hello, guys today I m back with another trick for WhatsApp. I have already posted a trick for WhatsApp for using multiple WhatsApp on android device without root or any other third-party application. Today I m posting an article about sending blue colour message on WhatsApp . by this trick you can also send a designed message in other fonts on Whatsapp. It is a very simple and very interesting g trick.
So guys follow my steps and learn how to send blue text message on whatsapp. You can also set blue status in whatsapp. Let’s see.

How To Send Blue Text On WhatsApp

Actually we can send text on blue, not even blue we can send fancy text through whatsapp with the help of third party app. Just by doing copy and paste.

What Is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a online messenger. In Whatsapp you can send free message all a over the world. You can make unlimited video calls in any country using Whatsapp. And having a lots a features. You can send videos, imaged, any files, documents and even you can also send android apps throughout whatsapp using a trick you can see here how to send apk through whatsapp.

What Is Blue Text?

Those texts which are blue colour. Usually a very designed text for whatsapp, fancy text of whatsapp.

Trick To Send Blue Message On WhatsApp

Before going to trick menu I suggest you some requirements for sending blue message or setting up Blue Status on whatsapp.
(!) One Android Mobile
(!!) Latest Version WhatsApp Messenger (click to download from play store)
(!!!) WhatsBlueText app (click to download ) you would not get it on play store.
[Note: If You Cannot Find Download Link For WhatsBlueText app Then Click “Create Download Link” . Download Link Will Create Click On There And Download WhatsBlueText]

Trick Is Start Now

1.) First see the requirements and make ready them. Update your whatsapp to latest version from play store on your android device and download WhatsBlueText from given link.
2.) Then install WhatsBlueText app and open it.
3.) Now you will get the options for making your text blue and also other designs.
4.) Then write your text / message / status on the first box /table.
5.) Now you will see your message /status  text in various design.
6.) Then choose a design which you want I suggest you to choose the first option coz we are the article for about whatsapp blue text and blue colour design is on the first option.
7.) You have two way to send blue text (a) simply click on share like button (⤴) and select the whatsapp contact where you want to send blue message. (b) hold on the blue text in the WhatsBlueText app and click on “copy” , then open whatsapp and click on that contact whose you want send blue text & hold on the writing box you will get “Paste” option , click on it and then click send.
Step (a) is very simple I recommended you to use this way. Thanx for reading how to send blue text on whatsapp must share with your friends.
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