How To Install Custom ROM On Android Without Computer

Are you searching for How To Install Custom ROM On Android Without Computer? This article will be the best to help you on installing a custom ROM

How To Install Custom ROM On Android Devices

In this article, you can learn the best and easiest way to install custom ROM on an android device, where you do not need any computer or laptop. I think this is the best trick even Install Custom ROM Using Computer is tougher. Let’s start.

What Is Custom ROM?

A Custom ROM is firmware based on Android Source Code, those ROMs offer many other special functions which are not available on default ROMs and also can be customized as your own choice.


How To Flash Custom ROM On Android Without PC or Laptop?

Before going to the flashing/installing process I tell you something which is needed for installing a custom ROM on android.

To-Do Before Custom ROM Flash
  • Backup Your Phone’s Data
  • Root Your Android Device (see how to root any android device).
  • Install Any Custom Recovery (TWRP is recommended).
  • Download The File Of Your Custom ROM ( must have on ZIP file).
  • Transfer The Downloaded File To SD Card( do not use Pendrive).
  • Charge Your Mobile Above 80% .
Not To Do (Danger)
  • Do not install custom ROM when a device is on charge.
  • Do not flash on the android default Recovery System.
  • Do not turn on during ROM Flash.
  • Do not tap on the Power button during ROM Installation.
  • Do not Eject SD Card During Installation.
  • Do not use PenDrive for installation
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Steps To Install Custom ROM On Rooted Android

Flash Custom ROMs At Your Own Risk

If you do any mistake or download  corrupt ROM Zip your devices default ROM may be get corrupt, So download the ROM file at good internet connection. If software get corrupt do not worry just go to care and install default rom.


  • Switch off your android device (mobile/tablet).
  • Go to Recovery System (hold tight power button+volume up about 30 seconds till you see recovery menu)
  • Then Hard Reset your device
    • Click on Wipe
    • Then Advance Wipe
    • Select Dalvik/ART Cache, System, Cache, Data and Internal
    • Continue Wiping Process
  • Go Back To Main Menu of Recovery System
  • Click on Install
    • Then click Install ZIP from SD
    • Select SD Card from given option
    • Choose the correct ROM Zip file
  • Swipe The Arrow to start installation process
  • Be patient till the ROM successfully get installed
  • After ROM Installation you will get two options
    • Clear Dalvik cache
    • Reboot
  • Tap on first option Clear Dalvik Cache and wait till it done
  • Now tap on Reboot
  • Boom! Device will turn on with a new ROM

Do not be panic if your android device is taking more time to turn on, and showing a message Android Is Upgrading because on first boot it will optimise all new designs and apps, sometimes it take half an hour


A Custom ROM is firmware based on Android Source Code, it can be installed on any android device without using a laptop or personal computer’s help just using TWRP Custom Recovery, but this solution only works on the android rooted device.

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