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How To Install Custom ROM In Android Without PC

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Here is the best trick to Install Custom ROM On Android devices without pc or laptop. We will install Custom ROM through TWRP (the best type of Recovery Mode)

How To Install Custom ROM In Android


Today I m posting a very helpful tip under the android and root category. In this article, you will learn how to install custom ROM in any android device without PC or laptop, and you do not need an internet connection when you will install custom ROM. It is very simple but DO IT ON YOUR RISK, it may break your device software if you do any mistake. So read this post very carefully.

install Custom rom

What Is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM are those ROM those are developed by an individual person or other company. Actually custom rom are Customized Rom. Lots of custom rom like Color OS, Cynamod, MIUI etc.

  I also break my device software two times , First time I flash my device software from care and second time I got success I mean flash custom ROM through TWRP. Remember it in your mind “FAILURE IS THE BEST WAY TO SUCCESS” . I hope you wouldn’t fail if you read this whole post with your mind. Let’s start.

How To Flash  Custom ROM In Android Without PC or Laptop?

Before going to flashing / installing process I tell you something which are need for installing custom ROM on android.
✔ Root Android Device (see how to root any android device).
✔ Any Custom Recovery (see how to install TWRP custom recovery).
✔ Download Zip of Custom ROM for your device (search it on Google with your device model).
✔ Must Have Charge Your Battery Above 80% .
✔ One SD Card.
[Note: Do not Flash Custom ROM When Your Device Is On Charge, And Do not Install Custom ROM On Your Default Recovery System It Will Break Your Phone Software, And Backup Your Data]

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Here Is The Trick Menu How To Install

I m Not Responsible If You Broke Your Device Software So Do It At Your Own Risk


Read Carefully:

➡ First you need to root your device ignore if already rooted.

➡ Then install custom recovery system if already have then ignore this step.

➡ Now download zip file of custom ROM which ROM is supported on your device to. And make sure that your zip file is on SD Card.

➡ Now Charge your phone/tablet above 80% , do not flash during charge.

➡ Now switch off / power off your android mobile / tablet.

➡ Then go to recovery system by pressing “Power Button + Volume Up Button

about 30-45 seconds on MTK device ( if you have Samsung device then hold ‘power button + home button + volume up button‘).

➡ Now click on “Wipe” option on your recovery system.

➡ Then click on “Advance Wipe“.

➡ And then select ” Dalvik/ART Cache, System, Cache, Data & Internal” and continue Wiping process. [ Do not Select Micro SD Card or external ].

➡ When It Is Done Go to main menu of your recovery system.

➡ Now click on “Install” or “Install ZIP from SD“.

➡ Then you will see your phone storage then click on “select storage or go to upper folder” .

➡ Choose for ”SD Card” and find your custom ROM’s ZIP file .

➡ Click on that Zip file and continue.

➡ If you are using TWRP recovery then swipe three arrows left to right it will start flashing process.

➡ Wait until it successfully installed.

➡ When your custom ROM was installed you will get two options there (1) Clear Dalvik Cahce , (2) Reboot.

➡ Now click on 1st option clear Dalvik cahce, it take upto 30 seconds.

➡ When it is done you need to click “Reboot” button .

➡ Your device will turn ON and start optimizing apps you may see ”Android Is Upgrading “. ( it also take more then 20 minutes).

➡ Your device will start with your New Custom ROM with amazing designs.

You’re Done! Must Share How To Flash Install Custom ROM On Any Android Mobile/ Tablet Without PC or Laptop To All Your Groups & Friends And Do not Mind My Grammar.

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