How To Disable WhatsApp Notification

You also want to disable whatsapp notification. Because you are also getting a lots of messages from your friends families groups. so do not worry just continue reading.

Disable WhatsApp Notification


Before going to Disable WhatsApp Notification I want to tell you about WhatsApp.

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a one of the best social networking service having best security system and very simple to handle. Which give lots of useful features : •Free Chatting With Friends •Free Voice Calls All Around The World •Sharing Images •Free Vedio Calls •Sending Videos To Friends • Sending Songs To Your Lovely Friends All Over Yhe World •Sharing Links •Sharing Documents (PDF File Also). And have also Some extra features •WhatsApp Group •WhatsApp Broadcast.

What Is WhatsApp Group?

WhatsApp Group is launch by WhatsApp Team, where you can do all the things of WhatsApp Chatting with friends sending videos, photos, audios, documents in a WhatsApp Group. As like as when you all the friends talking in a classroom or any where where you all meet and discuss. You can make WhatsApp Group by clicking on upper right corner inside the 3 dot menu.

What Is WhatsApp Broadcast?

WhatsApp Broadcast is a feature of WhatsApp. By WhatsApp Broadcast you can do all the things of WhatsApp at once. WhatsApp Broadcast is mainly use for sending any important things to all of your friends or anywhere. You have all the features which are available on WhatsApp but You don’t make voice calls or vedio calls throug WhatsApp Broadcast.

What Is WhatsApp Notification and Why You Want To Disable It?

WhatsApp Notification is come when someone send you message or vedio or audio or anything you will be notified on the header site of your mobile.

Why you want to Disable WhatsApp Notification? When you are working on other work on mobile and someone send you message or anything you will be notified and get disturb on your other mobile work. Mainly if you are member of any WhatsApp Group. When you Disable WhatsApp Notification you would not get any WhatsApp notification and would not get any distrub by WhatsApp.

How to Disable Notification Of WhatsApp?

It is so simple to disable WhatsApp Notification on any android mobiles or tablets just follow these below steps.

• First you need to go ‘Setting’ and then ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Manager’. Find ‘WhatsApp’ on there and click on it. Or click hold on WhatsApp and move it to ‘Apps Info’ .
• You will see some options on there such as Forch Stop, Uninstall, Clear Caches, Clear Data. Below of these options you will see a tick marked option ‘☑Show Notification’.
• Unmark The Tick option and and WhatsApp will show a dialog “Turn Off Notification? If you turn off notifications for this app, you may miss important alerts and updates.”

• Now click on ‘OK‘.

You Are Done Now You Would Not See and WhatsApp Would Not Send You Any Notification.

If you need alerts and updates then you need to enable WhatsApp Notification. See Below How to Enable WhatsApp Notification.

How To Enable WhatsApp Notification ?

It is same process of disabling WhatsApp Notification. Just goto setting and then Apps or Application Manager then find WhatsApp and click on it or click hold on WhatsApp and move it to Apps Info. Now ✔Tick the Show Notification option.
You Are Able To See Notifications Alerts and Updates On Header Section Of Your Mobile 

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