How To Create FB Page With 5000 Likes In 2 Minute

Get 5000 Likes On Facebook Fan Page- Make 5K Likes FB Page- How To Get 5000 Likes On Facebook Page- Convert FB Friends To Likes
   Hey Guys you are most welcome to The I m nasih today I m come again with a Facebook trick to Create Facebook Page Having 5000 Likes. You may on google for Auto liker for fb page, FB Page Liker, Auto Page Liker but I know you wouldn’t got them, because Don’t have any auto liker for page if you see them then try it you wouldn’t success. Yes! You will get auto liker for fb page’s post not for Page.5000 likes Facebook page

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How To Create A Facebook Page With 5000 Likes In Within a Minute

 So today I m posting a article by which you will able to learn How To Make FB Page Having 5000 Likes In 1 Minute. it’s very simple but so interesting . I don’t what will you feel when you got 5000 likes on your fb page which is being created.
  This trick is to convert your All fb friends to your fb page likes. If you have 5000 5k friends in your fb friendlist then you can get 5000 likes on your page. Or if you have 3000 friends that means you can make 3000 likes on tour fb page. Fb page Likes depends on your fb friends count. Let’s make a fb fan page with 5000 likes.

Full  Guide To Make FB Fan Page Having 5000 Likes On It From Starting Officially

What Is FB Fan Page?

Fb Fan Page is Facebook page mainly using for business, to make money from the help of fb.

How It Work?

Actually This is officially released to Convert/ Migrate Facebook Account To Facebook Page. By this option you will make a fb page with your existing Facebook profile details, Your Name, Fb cover Photo, Profile Picture. You can change them any time whenever you want.

Convert Facebook Account To Facebook Fan Page

By Migrating your fb Account your fb Account data will automatically copy to your fan page. Fb Friends: First All Your fb friends will convert to your page likes, Photos:- your profile picture and your cover photo will convert to your page profile picture and page cover photo, Personal Data:- your personal data like address , website, email, will be added to your page profile details. You will only 14 days to Convert them.

May I Lost My Facebook Account By Migrating My Facebook Account To Fan Page???

No and Never .

Trick Menu Step By Step :

Before going to step you have must a Facebook Account with 5000 friends to get 5000 likes on your fb page. Don’t worry if you have 500 friends you will get 500 likes on your page.

Use Google Chrome Browser on Mobile or Tablet and Use Mozilla Firefox on Desktop For Best Result

1.) First go to this link Migrate Facebook I’d To Page.
2.) Then click on Get Started .
3.) Now scroll down and find an option Choose Friend To Like Your Page.
4.) Then tap on All Friend.
5.) And then click Choose Friend.
6.) Now See Your Page Likes.
I hope You Understand This trick And Create Facebook Page Having 5000 likes.
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