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Best 2 Ways To Delete All Facebook Friends In 1 Click

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People create Facebook account and start adding FB friends even he or she do not know them.

When Facebook friends crossed 5000 friends then the users cannot add more friends and think how to delete all Facebook friends. So here is the trick to unfriend . Here are the best 2 methods to delete all facebook friends.

  Hello Readers, Today we will learn a Facebook Trick  to delete all Facebook friends in 1 click. here are 2 methods, method 1 using an android application method 2 by Chrome browser.

Method 1 To Delete All Facebook Friends Using Android

This method are very simple and very easy method to delete all Facebook friends. You don’t need a PC or laptop or Script to remove all Facebook friends.

What is Facebook ?

  Facebook is the best and toppest social networking site for chatting , sharing , Facebook group, Facebook page, somebody also make money from Facebook . Facebook has a lots of extra features. The real developer of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and his friends. Facebook has the 3rd rank in global Alexa. I m also a Facebook user from 2011 .

Why People Want To Unfriend Facebook Friends?

  The new users of Facebook who always want to make infinit Facebook friends. After some days about 2 years someone will always bored on Facebook and doesn’t want to read a huge amount of news feeds , photos, videos, posts, page status, etc and start  remove all friends from their Facebook account. He start unfriending one by one from their Facebook friendlist

Advantage Of Less Friend On Facebook:

  Having less friend means making known people friend on Facebook is best and good for Facebook and this is the rule of Facebook . By this you will be secure I mean your Facebook account will be secure.

When Need More Friends On Facebook?

  Only need a huge amount of friends on Facebook when you have a business and need to advertise it or when you a website builder and need good website traffic then you need a lots of Facebook friends, see how to make 5000 likes on facebook page.

Now See How To Remove All Facebook Friends In One Click?

Before going to trick menu I will tell you some apps to download which are needed for this trick.
(!) I2P Tools which will give you feature to remove Facebook friends. [Click to download i2p tools]. (Sorry this site is not working, now please try method 2)

Trick Menu

Step1– First download i2p tools from the above link lor go to www.i2ptools.com from your desktop.
Step2– Login With your Facebook account details (login to i2ptools using your Facebook username and password).
Step3– click on remove  friends.
Step4–  You will get 3 options (!) Remove All Make Friends, (!!) Remove All Female Friends and (!!!) Remove All Facebook Friends.
Step5– You need to click on third option(Remove All Facebook Friends) if you want to erase all your Facebook friends or if you want to remove all male friends from your Facebook friendlist then click on first option(remove all amle friends) or if you want to delete your all female friends then click on 2nd option(Remove All Female Friends).
Step6– wait few minutes until your process is done (it will depend on your Facebook friends, if you have more then 4000 friends it may take up to 15 minutes).
Now You Are Done How To Delete all FB Friends In 1 click In using a mobile device.

Method2 To Delete All Facebook Friends Using Chrome Extension In 2 Clicks

This is also a simple trick to unfriend all Facebook friends but it may not work in mobile devices. Because the Google Chrome Extension not working in mobile devices.
If you want to use Google Chrome Extension in mobile then I have a trick must read How To Use Chrome Extension in mobile devices.
  • First go to google chrome extension page
  • Then click add to chrome.
  • Now go to facebook friends page
  • Then click Unfriend All 
  • Then click Yes, Delete All

[Note: deleted friends would not be undone]

Must Share With Your Friends How can I remove all Facebook friends  from Facebook friend list.

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