How To Get ATM Card Without Bank Account Using Udio


Hello readers I m back with a very interesting trick to Make ATM Card Without Any Bank Account powered by Visa and RBL Bank and Udio Wallet ,this trick is only available in India. You can get ATM Card, Debit Card at INR Rs.99 at your doorstep just follow this article.

 What Is ATM Card?

ATM Card is a debit card which need preferred bank account to debit balance from that preferred bank account when you using any marchent payment through internet or withdraw money from ATM machine or anywhere ,where you want to use.

Is This Possible To Make ATM Card Without Any Bank Account?

Actually it is not possible to make ATM without any bank account because ATM Card need a preferred account to debit balance. But in India one new wallet UDIO Wallet which released on 2016 powered by RBL Bank which give you ATM Card / Debit Card To Use In Every where.

How It Works?

It works perfectly , when you use this card anywhere your balance will be debited from your UDIO Wallet Account by which you make ATM Card / Debit Card.

What Is UDIO Wallet?

Udio Is  a wallet which have functionality to send money to any bank account or any shop or other UDIO wallet or any other online transactions. Receive money from any bank account or any other udio wallet you can also add money to add money option as like as PayTm, mobikwik, free charge etc. One Function which is not available on other Indian wallets, this is a bonus of Udio Wallet. That is Udio Wallet Give ATM Card/ Debit Card/ Udio Plastic Card.

What Is Udio Plastic Card?

Udio Plastic Card Is a ATM Card / Debit Card, which have same function like as other ATM Cards and Debit Cards and fully secured. Udio Plastic Card Is Powered By VISA And RBL Bank.

How To Get Udio Plastic Card In Your Home?

1. First download Udio Wallet App from Google Play Store [click to download] for android users. I request IOS users to search UDIO Wallet in their app store.

2. Then open Udio App and see on the Right Down Corner  you will see an icon of ‘U’ click on there and see the next step.
3. Then you will see these function: (a) My Udio Card, (b) Pay with mVisa, (c)Gift, (d)Recharge & Pay Bills, (e)Collect & send Money and (f) Split Bills.

 4. Then click on My Udio Card. You will see three options: My Udio Card, Order a Plastic Card for Rs.99, Activate My Udio Plastic Card.

5. Then you need to click on (1)Order a plastic card for rs.99. and fill your address where you want get Udio Plastic Card. and then click on ORDER CARD and then CONFIRM.
6. Then Click on ADD MONEY and complete the process for adding money.

[Note: You Need To Add Atlest Rs.99 In Your Udio Wallet Account]

7. After complete the all process you will get your Udio Plastic Card/ ATM Card/ Debit Card in one month.
8. When you got the Card then goto My Udio Card  and click on 2nd option (2)Activate My Udio Plastic Card. and check your details and enter your Udio Plastic Card no. and click on ACTIVATE CARD and complete your card activation process.

Its Done How To Make And Get ATM Card Without Bank account At Your Doorstep. Never Miss To Share This Trick With Your friends And Subscribe Our Bog

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