What Is Momo Game ? How To Stay Safe From Momo Challenge ?

One New Suicide Game Launch Like Blue Whale Game Called Momo Game It Can Kill Us mostly danger for children. So how to stay safe from momo suicide game.

What Is Momo Game And How To Stay Safe From Momo Game Challenge?

  Hello Friends, Today i m come with an information of suicide game Momo Challenge. A new suicide game is come as like as Blue Whale Game. Momo Game is more dangerous then the Blue Whale Game. About an year ago a game was come name Blue Whale and took a lots of life all over the world, Now Momo Challenge Game is out and taking life of kids. I will try to give you some knowledge about momo game and how to prevent our childs from momo game. Read this whole article and be alert from suicide game.

What Is Momo Game ? 

Momo Challenge is a very dangerous game. It is targeting the life of Childes. Momo give scary challenges to do scary task, when you will complete a task you will receive another task or if you do not complete task you will receive Horror images or videos. In the last stage you will get Suicidal task like Blue Whale Game.


How Momo’s Trap Work: How They Attack Children:

In Momo Game you will receive message or call from unknown number. They mainly use WhatsApp , Momo Challenge send scary images , videos and audio clips if you reply they will playing with you. Firstly momo give small task if you complete the task that means you are in trap. Momo mainly target minor ages child because child does not have much information for their lives. If the child do not complete momo challenge task or try to contact their parents, momo will hack your phones and took all the images and videos and use these as Threats kids parent or loved one.

How To Prevent Our Kids From Momo Challenge? Some Tips:

• Do not chat or talk to any unknown on whatsapp or facebook. And don’t save such number to your contact list.
• Give your whatsapp number to trusted people only, Don’t give unknown person.
• Always see what’s your child are watching on Internet if anything bad stop them.
• If your child’s friend or anyone who play Momo Challenge stay your child from them.
• Always keep your whatsapp privacy setting as Only Contact List Person Can See Your Whatsapp Status.
• Tell your child to educate them before they got in Momo Trap.
• If you receive any scary images, videos or momo pictures quickly block them.

Story Of MoMo Game:

 The symbol which identified for momo game this is actually not for this.
Momo is a Doll created by Japanese Company Link Factory.

 The Momo Doll is initially thought was created by Japanese artist Midori Hayashi. Midori Hayashi who is know of making special Bezzare Dolls using parts of different animals.
 Neither Midori Hayashi nor Japanese Link Factory are associated with Momo Challenge. Which makes scary images or videos of dolls with birds legs.

I hope you know all about this momo game, be prepare to face it before it affect us.

Please Share With Your Parents and Who You Think Necessary To Prepare From Such Suicidal Game.

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