3 Best Crypto Trading Platform

The top 3 Best Crypto Trading Platforms are Binance, Wazirx, Coinswitch. Read this article and know why these forex trading platforms are best with Pros & Cons.

Nowadays people are busy with crypto exchange all over the world. Almost everybody is searching Best Crypto Trading Platform to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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What Is Crypto?

Crypto is actually Cryptocurrency, people called it Crypto as a short name. Cryptocurrency(Crypto) is a digital currency that is highly secured. There are more than 9000+ Crypto Coins in the world.

best crypto trading platform

Top 3 Best Crypto Trading Platform

You will get more than 10 best platform to trade cryptocurrencies on the internet but will share only 3 which are used by me own. I will give Binance on the first position then Wazirx and then Coinswitch.


best crypto trading platform

Binance is one of the best crypro trading platform on the internet globally. I can say Binance is the best crypto exchange platform ever.

  • It’s Quite Complicated But Simple and Best
  • Have Low Brokerage Fees
  • Highly Secured Platform
  • No Drawing Tools For Analysis For The Graph
  • Sometimes Failed To Login

How To Create Binance Account?

Before starting the account opening process please note down these requirements which are needed when you will go to the KYC process. Any Government Issued ID Card like Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Social Security Number or Voter ID (Election ID Card).

Account Opening Process

  • Click on “Register Now“, You will redirected to Binance account opening page.
  • Enter your Email or Mobile No.
  • Choose a strong password having letters numbers and special characters.
  • Input your friend`s Referral Code if you have otherwise ignore it, because it is optional.

After opening your account you need to Verify Your Account. So see how to verify Binance account or how to do Binance Account KYC.

How to Verify Binance Account Do KYC

  • Go to “Profile Section” and click on “Identification“.
  • In the Identity Verification Page click on “Verify“.
  • Choose your Country and click “Start“.
  • Then enter your basic details. (first name, last name, residential address, and postal code) and click on “Continue“. Your Basic Verification Will be Completed after clicking continue.
  • Now click on “Go To Advanced Verification“.(on this step you will need to upload documents and your live picture).
    • Upload your document`s Front and Back page and click Continue.
    • Upload your portrait image and click on “Submit and Continue“.
  • Now tap on “Begin Verification“. Your webcam will open just capture your live picture and upload it otherwise you can also use your mobile for Facial Verification.

Your documents will be verified within 24 hours. So be patient till your account gets verified. After your Binance account verification, you can Buy Sell Crypto In Binance Platform.

So this is the best crypto trading platform which have got the first position, read continue and know about the 2nd and 3rd best crypto trading app also.


best crypto trading platform

Wazirx is well known most trusted and Best Crypto Exchange in India to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Easy To Use
  • Mobile Friendly Interface
  • Problem In Money Deposite Sometime Takes Longer Than Usual
  • Market Chart Not Working Fine In Mobile App

How To Create Wazirx Account?

When you are going to open a crypto trading account in Wazirx you need the following requirements. Please note them before starting the account opening process.

  • One valid mobile number.
  • One email id.
  • Any Government ID card (Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving License).
  • One Live photo.

Wazirx Crypto Trading Account Opening Process

  • Install the Wazirx Trading App (click download to install) or visit Wazirx Website.
enter wazirx referralcode “ddq29p82
  • Click on the “Sign Up” button.
  • Then input your email address.
  • Choose a Strong Password and write it again in confirm password section (please remember your password and never share it with anyone).
  • Then agree to their Terms of Service and click on “SIGN UP”
  • You will be redirected to a page (after clicking the sign-up button) where you need to verify your email id.
  • Just enter your Email OTP and click on “Verify“. If you have not received your email OTP then wait 60 seconds and hit on resend.

After creating Wazirx free trading account you need to verify your identity, I mean you need to do KYC Verification. So read How to do Wazirx account KYC verification?

How To Do Wazirx Account KYC Verification?

On the next step after creating a crypto trading account, you will be asked for KYC Verification where you need the above documents. Then follow the below steps and verify your KYC.

  • Choose your Country, KYC Type, and click on “Complete KYC“.
  • You have to fill in your Personal Details. (first name, middle name, last name Date of Birth(DOB), address, choose city and state with your PIN code).
  • Click on “Submit & Continue“. ( Please recheck your details before submitting).
  • Enter your Mobile Number and tap on “Send OTP“.
  • Enter “OTP” which was received in your mobile. Now your basic KYC verification is done.
  • Read instructions and click on “Continue“.
  • Agree to their Terms & Conditions and Continue.
  • Input your PAN Card and click on “Next“.
  • Upload PAN Card front photo or capture and click “Next“.
  • Choose your document, input documents number, and tap on "Next".(I recommended you use aadhaar card for fast verification).
  • Upload Documents Photo (front side and back side).
  • Click on “Next”.

Boom! your documents have been submitted and your KYC will be verified within few hours.

This is 2nd best crypto trading platform and very easy to use. If you are on the begins and do not have any trading idea then I recommend you to use Coinswith (3rd best crypto trading platform). Now know about Coinswitch the 3rd crypto trading app.


best crypto trading platform

Coinswitch is the best crypto trading platform/app for begginers and also the best crypto trading app in india.

  • User Friendly Interface
  • UPI Facility For Money Deposite
  • Instant Buying
  • Instant Selling
  • Buying Price Is Higher Than Other Crypto Trading Platform
  • Selling Price Is Lower Than Other Crypto Trading Platform

How Open Account In Coinswitch Kuber?

Note these requirements are needed for a Kuber Coinswitch Crypto Trading Account. 1) Mobile No., 2)Email ID, 3)PAN Card, 4)Any Govt. ID Card like Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving License.

Coinswitch Crypto Trading Account Opening Process

I will describe briefly here if you want full details on How To Open a Coinswitch Kuber Crypto Trading Account please read this article. You will also get ₹50 worth of Bitcoin as a referral bonus.


  • Register On Coinswitch, You have to enter your mobile number and verify it.
  • Setup Coinswitch Passcode (4 digits).
  • Verify Your Coinswitch Account.

Your Coinswitch Kuber Crypto Trading Account Have Been Creaded Now Please Verify Your Account By Doing KYC Verification

How To Do Coinswitch KYC?

  • Go to the “Profile” section.
  • Click on “User Verification“.
  • Input your KYC Details.
    1. Basic Verification (Full Name, DOB, and Email).
    2. PAN Card Verification (Enter PAN Card Number and upload PAN card`s frontside and backside photo).
    3. Identity Card Verification (Input document`s number and upload both sides of your document).
  • Upload Live Photo and click on “Continue“.
  • Done!

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Now you have to wait up to 48hours for your Coinswitch Crypto Trading Account Verification. After the activation of your account, you can Buy Sell Crypto like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Etherium, etc in the Coinswitch trading app.

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These above 3 Best Crypto Trading Platform are used by me and giving a small review and details with how to create crypto account. These information are not taken from internet, I have written them from my own mind.

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