Pre Register On Aladdin Exchange and Earn Free 100 TNC

Here is a article to share a free deal to get 100 free tnc which is about ₹400 indian rupees, only on registering for aladdin exchange and 20 per invite.

Aladdin Exchange is a crypto exchanging platform, Aladdin company has start a event for pre registration and earn free 100 Mileage . 1 Mileage = 1TNC, So 100 Mileage = 100 TNC which is approximately ₹400 indian rupees.


What Is Mileage ?

Mileage is the reward given by Aladdin Exchange after after participating in events held by Aladdin Exchange. Later Miles can be exchange to TNC at a ratio 1:1. Miles cannot be transferred or trade for other.

How To Pre Register for Aladdin Exchange App ?

=> A valid email need for verification.
=> Good Internet Connection.
=> Mind 🤯

Register On Aladdin Exchange Register

Just click this link and register yourself on Aladdin Exchange Pre Registration page.
•> Enter your valid email.
•> Create a password (must include Upper case , lower case , special character and number. e.g.- Tt@12345, password should not be below 8 characters)
•> Re Enter your password.

Agree Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions


•> Then tick ✅ on I aggree “Privacy Policy”
•> And also tick ✅ I agree “Terms and Conditions” .

Verify Captcha


•> After that you need to tick ✅ on “I am not a robot”.
•> And then click on ” Confirm

Verify Email


After clicking on Confirm button you will recieve a confirmation email in your email inbox.
•> Just open the email and click on “SUBMIT“.
•> Now open it in browser.
•> Then you will se Email Confirmation dialogue, that mean your email is verified.

Re Login to Aladdin Exchange site

•> Then click on ” Login
•> Enter your email and password to login.
•> Then tap on Login.

You Got 100 TNC Free


•> After successfully logged in to Aladdin Exchange site click on “Dashboard” ( located on the “Upper Right Corner“) .
•> Boom you have got 100 free TNC.

When Miles Will Be Exchange To TNC ?

Rewarded miles can be only used by the person itself and can be exchanged for TNC after KYC Verification.

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How To Refer and Earn Free TNC on Aladdin Exchange.

=> Login to Aladdin Exchange site.

=> Then go to “Dashboard“.

=> Then scroll down you will find referral details with referral link.

=> Simply COPY the referral link and share it with others.

=> Now share the referral link to your friends and tell them for Pre Register.

=> After their sucessful registration you will get 20 TNC free per single referral.

Terms and Conditions Of The Referral Program

◾You will get 20 miles per invite.

◾Your friend need to put your referral code for a valid refferal.

◾ Referral miles will be locked initially until they complete their KYC Verification.

◾Miles will automatically unlocked after their KYC Verification.

◾Your friend need to be first registration on Aladdin Exchange to eligible for reward.

So readers this is the article how to earn free TNC using Aladdin Exchange with referral trick . If you want to know how to transfer TNC to bank account or Paytm comment on below, I will see how many readers want to transfer their TNC to bank.

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